Project Description

The Salvation Army’s traditional annual fundraiser, the Doing The Most Good Luncheon has in the past featured artists such as Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Leigh Ann Womack and Kicks Brooks. This year, the Crosswind team convinced the Salvation Army to go a different direction and commission local Christian-based creative mastermind, Ramy Antoun and his Creative Arts Group, to produce a multimedia experience for the attendees that told the true story of Austinite Sam Espinosa. While in his teens, Sam, along with his mother and four siblings, found themselves homeless due to circumstances beyond their control. But with the Salvation Army’s help Sam went on to attend Yale and now runs a successful startup.

The result was a completely immersive experience, featuring some of Austin’s greatest studio and worship musicians live-scoring a moving documentary on Sam, displayed on an enormous video wall. The music ensemble performed their rendition of Coldplay’s Yellow as the crowd held up yellow glow-sticks, illuminating the room in celebratory light for Sam and his heroic mother who bore the weight of feeding and clothing five children and seeing them through school even as they were homeless. The incredibly emotional finale had everyone, to a person, agreeing that they had never experienced such a moving story in a setting that is known for more traditional performances by well-known artists.

The Salvation Army raised more money at the 2016 rendition than it had at any other previous Doing The Most Good Luncheon.